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James E. Ormsbee
Elkridge Engineering, LLC

Elkridge Engineering & Surveying

Mr. Ormsbee graduated Cum Laude from Brigham Young University with a BES degree in Civil Engineering in 1973 and with a MES degree in Structural Engineering in 1974. He did further graduate work at Stanford University. He was licensed a Professional Engineer in 1977. The salient points of his career are below. A complete resume is here.

Engineer, Philco-Ford Aeroneutronics, Palo Alto, California. As a design engineer, Mr. Ormsbee worked on the structural design and analysis of communication satellites. He also designed computer software to aid in the completion these responsibilities.

Project Engineer, Forsgren-Perkins Engineering, Rexburg, Idaho. As a project engineer for this consulting engineering firm, Mr. Ormsbee designed several bridges including numerous box culverts, many miles of county and local roads, culinary and secondary water distribution systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, and recreational subdivision design. A major culinary water distribution system he designed was that of Evanston, Wyoming. Most of the recreational properties he worked on were located in Island Park and Henry’s Fork, Idaho. He developed computer software for several of these functions. This software was marketed very successfully internationally.

Project Engineer – Perkins-Thurgood Engineering, Orem, Utah. As a project engineer for this consulting engineering firm, Mr. Ormsbee designed and oversaw the construction of secondary water distribution systems, local improvements districts within cities, and road improvement and construction. A major secondary water distribution system he designed was that for the city of West Point, Utah. This included the design and the management of the construction of the reservoir serving this system. The paving of the Antelope Island causeway on the Great Salt Lake was the most significant project he designed and managed.

President – Elkridge Engineering, LLC, and Elkridge Engineering & Surveying , Eden, Utah. As President of the consulting engineering firms, Mr. Ormsbee oversees all projects to ensure quality and completion within budget and schedule constraints.


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